Loyality Program

What is Loyality Program?
The more you participate in the activities the closer you get in reaching the highest level and the more chances you have to redeem the benefits. 
Also, with each level you get a badge as a recognition of your achievement and proving your loyalty towards us.

How to earn Loyality Points(LP)?
You can earn LP by many different ways, as follows:
  • Registration
  • Submit an article
  • Answering a question
  • Like on your article.
  • Other activities.
Loyality Program Level
500 points -> Silver
2000 points -> Gold
5000 points -> Platinum
10000+ points -> Business Partner

Terms and Conditions for the Loyalty Program-
  • The redemption of goodies can be done based on the points available in your account.
  • Member holding multiple accounts cannot request to pool Loyality Points from different accounts. Pharma Whiz India reserves the right to modify this program by any other program wholly or in part or terminate the program at any time without any prior notice to the members.
  • Pharma Whiz India also reserves the right to change and modify the terms and conditions at any point in time without prior notice to the members.
  • Pharma Whiz India’s calculation of the loyalty Points shall be final, conclusive and  binding on all the members and is not liable to be disputed. Members will be covered by all Terms and Conditions pertaining to the Loyalty Points program mentioned in the website.
  • The members cannot transfer any points to another person or another Pharma Whiz account.
  • Only goodies are redeemable against the points as featured in the website under Loyalty program.
  • Fulfillment of redemption requests against goodies featured in the website will be based on availability of the goodies at the time of the redemption.
  • Pharma Whiz India will deliver the redeemed goodies at the registered address of the member as on the date of redemption. The member shall be solely responsible for ensuring correct address & contact numbers registered on the Pharma Whiz website and Pharma Whiz India will not be held responsible for non-receipt of redeemed goodies on account of wrong/incomplete address and contact numbers provided on the website.
  •  An “address specific" dispatch of redeemed goodies will be done. It will be the member’s responsibility to ensure that concerned people at his home/office (as the case may be) are kept informed. Pharma Whiz India will not be responsible for non-receipt of redeemed Goodies on account of deliveries done to any other person at the registered address other than the member.
  • In case of damage of goodies during transit OR wrong item sent OR difference in request & items received, please contact Pharma Whiz India on Contact Us Page within 2 days of receipt of Goodie. Any query raised beyond the 2 day period Pharma Whiz India will neither be able or liable to pick-up nor replace the items nor will it entertain any disputes from the customer after 2 days of receipt of the goodies redeemed. If the goodie item is found to be tampered/damaged by the customer, Pharma Whiz India has the right to refuse acceptance of such item.
  • No warranty is promised whatsoever with respect to the products/services acquired under the Loyalty program.
  • Colors & features of the final product are subject to change on the basis of availability of the same.
  • No compensation or refund will be given for any loss arising due to the non-receipt/ late delivery of items due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Goodie once ordered cannot be returned or exchanged for some other goodie.
  • Minimum 7 working days are required for the delivery of goodies.
  • Disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Delhi only..