Is there any method to calibrate satellite clock or calibration of satellite clock is required if it is use for the for the reference purpose to record time entry in batch record .

Dr Chaman Deep    |    24-10-2017

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Pharmabuddy    |    02-02-2018

To clarify more...

There are two type of automated sync clock is in use, one is synchronized digital clocks/standalone clocks which work on the RS-485 wireless communication protocol. to simplify this, there is a master clock which is either synchronized with the atomic clock or through the server of an organization and as many as 120 slave clocks are attached with this master clock via 2 core communication cable. The master clock ensures synchronization through multidrop network hub even if there is a power cut. 

Now coming to the second type...there are GPS enabled clocks which work on a receiver which calibrate itself on a realtime basis as per signal received by satellite. This then acts as local booster or router to send a signal to each individual clock which has signal to signal synchronization with signal receiver router. there will be an antenna on each clock to easily identify if the clock is on satellite or on GPS. the one which does not have any antenna is considered as master-slave synchronization clock. however, with the advancement of technology, this statement does not hold true always. always ask user for better clarity. 

Hope it helps. Let me know if you need further information on this. 

Admin    |    12-11-2017

Radio clocks receive their signal from atomic clocks run by the state, in those cases no calibration is necessary because it is already the official reference signal they receive. If signal is not the ultimate reference , a calibration against an official standard may become necessary. I hope its clear now.