If we use ozone treated water in pharmaceutical.Is it safe for human consumption.

Parveen    |    03-07-2017

3 Answers:


Pharmabuddy    |    02-02-2018

Well as per several guidelines on pharmaceutical grade water, any chemical additive (halogenated compounds, peroxides or Ozone) added to act as antimicrobial or for removal or chlorine or for descaling of RO membrane should be removed before distribution to user points. This means purified water should be free from any traces of 'added substance'. There should be proper control and monitoring mechanism to ensure complete removal of added substance in the water. a short half-life of ozone is easily degraded or removed by using 254-nm UV light. however, a ozone sensor should also be installed after UV treatment to ensure no contamination of Ozone to stored water or water for distribution. 

Hope this helps. let me know if you need further information on this. 


Mahak    |    31-01-2018

UV is use to destruct the ozone concentration


Mahak    |    31-01-2018

Ozonated water generally not use in Pharmaceutical preparation however ozone can be injected into purified water storage tank however before distribution and us in pharmaceutical preparation it should be pass through a UV to restrict the ozone.