For vendor qualifications. Is there any tracking sheet so we can track vendors

Nittin    |    22-08-2017

3 Answers:


Pharmabuddy    |    02-02-2018

Please elaborate your requirement on the tracking sheet. nowadays, there are many software available for better tracking and give you notifications as well if anything planned is due. For example TrackWise, SAP, MS access based software and several customized software. 

You can also make a basic tracking sheet for your personal use on excel, however, it depends what information you want to track. you may track audit schedule, documents availability during pre-qualification and post audit, you may track the quality of supply received during a defined period and any quality problem recorded during tracking period and lot more. However, maintaining an excel sheet is easier if vendors are less and could be troublesome if you have a large database. contemporaneous updation of excel sheet was always a challenge. Let me know if you need further information. 

Parveen    |    23-08-2017

You can catch me at , I will surely help you.

Parveen    |    23-08-2017

What type of tracking sheet you want to track supplier . You can simply made a risk assessment file for all the supplier based on their country of origin, TSE /BSE risk, use of material, certification expiry , microbiological sensitivity , Solvent impurity risk . Based on the outcome of risk you can define the audit frequency.